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The freezing conditions have led to a temporary ban on the shooting of wildfowl in Scotland. Environment Minister Roseanna Cunningham has announced that the shooting of certain species will be prohibited from Tuesday. The Scottish government has (force) a law which protects birds in severe weather. Scottish Natural Heritage (advice) the government that species such as ducks, geese and shore waders were unable to feed in the current freezing conditions, (threat) the birds' natural (survive).
The suspension, brought into force under Section 2 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, prohibits the shooting of birds from 5 January. It could last for 14 days but will be (view) after seven days.
Meanwhile, scientists have (public) evidence that some upland bird populations are being affected by wind farms. After studying the populations of 12 species at a dozen wind farms in Scotland and northern England, they found evidence of reduced breeding (dense) among more than half of them. The RSPB said it did not oppose wind farms but wanted them to be sited away from (migrate) areas and places where birds feed and breed.