Matching exercise

Complete the text by matching the missing sentences with the numbered gaps.
Imagine you've met someone you really like but you don't know them very well.    
First of all, you really must have some definite suggestions as to where you might go etc. There's nothing worse than getting into a conversation like this and then spending ages trying to work out what you would both like to do. If they would like to go out with you, then you must make sure that you agree an easy place to meet up.    
Next, when you're getting ready for the evening, don't try too hard.
Wear clothes you know and like and feel comfortable in. If he or she is a bit late, don't get anxious.    
If you're feeling nervous about what you might talk about, try thinking of a few topics which you think will be of interest to the other person. During the evening, whatever you do, show interest in the other person.    
Check if they have to be home at a certain time.    
There's nothing worse than upset parents! If you follow this advice you may find that you needn't have worried after all... And you can even manage to fix up a second date!