Read this article about a young hacker’s discovery and then read the statements following it. Mark a sentence A if it is true according to the article. Mark it B if it is false. Mark it C if there isn’t enough information in the text to decide if the sentence is true or not.


Choose the best answer by clicking on the correct letter.
A new type of security problem has been found in many mobile games by a ten-year old hacker. The hacker, CyFi, gave a presentation about his findings at DefCon Kids, which held its first meeting during the larger DefCon hacker conference. The conference now has sessions for young people who are interested in trying things out in hardware and software.
CyFi found that advancing the clock on a tablet or phone, in many games, makes it possible to get access to data which are not meant for the public. He discovered the bug after getting bored with the pace of farming games and seeking ways to speed them up. Many farm-based games force players to wait hours before they can produce fruit or crops grown from virtual seeds. As a result CyFi, who has not revealed his real name, started manipulating the clock on his handset to see if he could make the game faster. By disconnecting his phone from wi-fi and only advancing the clock by small amounts, he found the game in a state not tested by its original creators. CyFi's discovery has since been inspected by independent security researchers. Exactly which games are unprotected has not been revealed, to give their creators time to fix them.