You are going to read an article about new culinary experiences. In most lines there is one word that should not be there. Either it is grammatically incorrect or it does not fit in with the sense of the text. Read the text and then copy the extra word in the space provided. Some lines are correct. Indicate these lines with an "OK". The task begins with two examples (0).



0) Many restaurants these days offer some theme or attraction to get 0) OK
0) warm, paying bodies into seats. One current trend that has been 0) been
1) appeared is having lunch or dinner in total blackness. Many people
2) believe in that our senses — especially those related to eating, taste
3) and smell — are heightened when the sight is taken away.
4) The whole idea might also be a bit of scary, which some customers
5) find attractive. Some locations offer it complete darkness, while others
6) utilize blindfolds. However, most do not allow for any belongings
7) that create light, such as cell phones or cameras, or not smoking.
8) Additionally enough, if you don’t have plans to visit one of the
9) all-dark restaurants, you could look for a local restaurant which
10) offers a ‘dining in the dark’ event. As many restaurants are hosting
11) such events every so often to attract few customers. Examples
12) include in the ‘dark dining’ experience at Catharsis, which is
in Miami, or Camaje Bistro in New York City’s Greenwich Village.