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A head teacher in Orpington, Kent stunned pupils at his school (1) eating a tarantula in front of a packed assembly. (2) some of his pupils delighted at seeing his discomfort during the ordeal, others (3) said to be upset, and at least one parent complained that it set a bad example to youngsters.
Mr Onac said he came (4) with the idea of eating a poisonous spider as a way of raising sponsorship money for a new sports and drama complex.
He explained: “It wasn’t (5) I opened the container and saw how big it was that I started to feel very nervous. As I was eating it I was wondering (6) I would still be alive by break-time. It tasted quite salty, and a little bit like burnt chicken.”
The spider was sourced from Cambodia, (7) they are farmed and eaten by locals as a delicacy. They are usually deep fried and the cooking process negates the effects of any toxins they carry.
A member of the teaching staff said they were full of admiration for Mr Onac’s actions. But not everybody connected with the school (8) in agreement. One parent said: “It's all very well raising money, but why does he (9) to behave as if he's taking part in a TV show?”